The art in fishing

Albacore story tells about people that have passionately believed in their ideas and, through alternating moments of disappointment and enthusiasm, sacrifice and dedication, have written their own story, the story of the Albacore.


Albacore is specializing in the production of  reels, rods’ components, rods, accessories

Technologies used

ALUTECNOS applies one of the basic rules of marking: if you are proud of your product, mark it!


These jewels of fishing are all marked with the safety class 1 laser Automator, with a perfect alignment of the source and the piece, considering the  micrometer precision of the surface.


Marking is here synonymous of marketing, promotion, loyalty to the brand, thanks to the sophisticated software that gives:

  • possibility to import graphics and pictures in raster format (EPX, JPG, BMP, PCX, GIF).
  • possibility to import drawings and logo in vector format (DXF, WMF, PLT, EMF).
  • complete management of the text with full compatibility True Type Font