Never before has the Chrysler brand experienced such high levels of awareness and consideration

Never before has the Chrysler brand experienced such high levels of awareness and consideration.

And, with the brand’s all-new flagship now available at dealerships, and with plans to unveil another important, thoroughly refreshed vehicle later this year, “America’s Import” is clearly on a roll.

All new from the ground up, the 2015 Chrysler 200 debuts a beautiful exterior design featuring the new “face” of the Chrysler brand – a thoughtful, exquisitely crafted interior and an exceptional driving experience, complements of a segment-first nine-speed automatic transmission and the Compact U.S.–wide (CUS-wide) chassis. In the full-size segment, Chrysler plans to launch a thoroughly refreshed 300 and 300c later this year. They will be shown for the first time in Los Angeles in November, and will be in dealerships early in the first quarter of 2015.

Technologies used

Chrysler choosed the versatility of the dot peen technology for the identification and traceability of its products. 
Systems for integration with pneumatic pin and controller of the latest generation for the permanent and direct marking on the products for the automotive market and original spare parts. 
The tracking of the product - related to the warranty and to themanufacturer liability according to European standards - is entirely delegated to the marking which may include various data automatically - readable and / or encoded: 
the date of manufacture (in various formats) 
the shift code
the batch 
the serial number 
the manufacturer's data 
the company logo