Stethoscope component marked by an Automator roll marker
Dot peen marking on metal block heated to 1,000-1,200°C ( 1.830-2190°F) – ADP120160P
Portable dot peen marker on metal scaffolding – ADP25060
Six MB21 VP installed together for marking hexagonal components – Custom-made projects from the 90s
Deep dot peen marking on steel beam – ADP120160 DEEP
Datamatrix pin-marked on a train wheel
Datamatrix code pin-marked on a car wheel
Intra-material laser marking inside glass – eXtremeVIS
Dot peen marking both on raw and painted metal
Laser marked plastic component
Dotpeener with rotating axis marking a metal component on different sides
Impact marking on medicine paper packaging
Boat propeller component marked by an Automator dotpeener
Adhesive labels marked and cut by an Automator laser
Lasermarked boat plate
Pin marked boat propeller
Teak surface lasermarked
Function buttons laser marked – UBI Basic
Green laser marked datamatrix inside a plexiglas layer – XtremeVIS
Laser personalization on boat cleat bollard
Laser marking on outrigger holder for naval industry
Laser marked plates – nanoVISII
Impact marking on blister
Blistering machine marking on tube of cream
Impact marking on roof safety rope sealing
Laser marked mirror
Laser marking inside the glass
Laser marked mosquito net part – nanoVISII
Engraved dies for Automator roll marker
Scribe marking on metal parts
Laser marking on concave part
Laser marking on oil tank nut
Laser marking on solenoid valve – nanoVISII
Laser marking on painted metal surface
Roll marked flange for oil
Propane butan gas valves components marked with Automator laser
Laser marked company name on coffee machine grane grinder
Solar energy, heating and air conditioning component marked with Automator laser
Laser marked plastic tubing connector – greenVISII
Toilet water flush marked with Automator laser
Roll marked dummy fuse
Lasermarked motorbike exhaust component – nanoVISII
Pin stamped datamatrix on aluminum automotive frame
Laser marked injector – VISII
Laser marking on go-kart component
Motor component marked with a dot peen marker – ADP5090
Laser marked metal rulers – nanoVISII
Gas cylinder marked by an Automator dot peen machine
Tempered steel special micro punches
Fireproof electric connector laser marked – greenVIS
Pharmaceutical blister marked with special punches
UDI code marking on aluminum – MOPAII
Dot peen datamatrix codes on steel elevators components – ADP5090
ADP5090 dot peen marker integrated with a balancing machine for marking electric motor rotors
Dot peen marking on hollow metal ring – ADP5090
Laser decoration on gun body – VIS
Micro dot peen marked datamatrix – MB2560
Micro laser markings on tyre air valve – VIS
Laser marked gun barrel – nanoVISII
Pin marking on a rifle component – ADP25120
Hexagonal bars roll marked – MB71CE
Rusted metal surface laser cleaning – FYBRAII
Laser marking on PCB board – nanoVISII
FYBRAII installed in an Automotive factory
Dot peen markings on plastic tags – ADP5090
Laser markings on plastic tags – nanoVISII
Datamatrix marked on plastic component
Dot peen marking on round gear component – ADP5090
Roll marking on round metal component – MB71
Laser marked alphanumeric code and bar code – nanoVISII
Types for Impact and Roll machines
Dot peen marking on metal tube – ADP2560
Hydraulic component laser marked – nanoVISII
Laser marked handle – nanoVISII
Dot peen marked datamatrix and code – ADP5090
Roll marking on oil and gas component – MB76 EP 90
Laser marking on white plastic – nanoVISII
Laser and dot peen markings on a gas equipment component
Dot peen marking on automotive component – ADP25120 P
Laser marked dental plier – nanoVISII
Laser markings on copper sealings
Dot peen arc marking on gear – ADP25120
Roll micro marking on metal piece – MB41E
Laser marking on wood – ALPHA
Dot peen and laser arc markings on metal component
Laser marking on metal rod – FYBRAII
Impact marking on metal component
Laser markings on eyewear stems – FYBRAII
Dot peen marking on Automotive component – ADP5090
Roll marking on metal disc – MB76 EP 90
Cold laser marking on glass – Xtreme VIS
Pin stamp marking on weapon part – ADP2560
Magnetic portable dot peen marker in action – ADP5090 P
Laser marking on wood – FYBRAII
Roll marking on small metal part – MB41 E
Dot peen marking on metal carpentry block
Dot peen marking on metal tag – ADP120160
Laser marked dental bite – FYBRAII
Laser marked dentale brace – FYBRAII
Laser marking on stainless steel – nanoVISII
Roll markin on connecting tube – MB76EP 90
Vibro marking on glass – ADP120160
Impact marking on car key – MB21
Datamatrix laser marking on plastic component – nanoVISII
Scribe marking for Automotive part – ASM40150
Impact marking machines installed in motors production line
Dot peen marking on motor body – ADP5090
Laser marking on adhesive film – VIS
Impact marking punch
Laser marked stilo pen
Laser decoration on fabrics
Laser marked plastic handles – nanoVISII
Roll marking on round part – MB71N
Laser marking on anodized metal seal – nanoVISII
Dot peen marking on tube connector – ADP2560
Laser marking on transparent resin – FYBRAII
Laser marking on tube connector – nanoVISII
Vibro marking on metal component
Laser marking on dental tools – nanoVISII
Dot peen marking on sandy concrete block – ADP120160
Car engine part marked by dot peen marker – ADP5090
Laser marking on rubber – ALPHA CO2
Impact marking on gold
Fashion leather purse hot marking – MB20E
Laser marked decoration on firearm part – nanoVISII
Laser marking on plastic ring – ALPHA CO2
Datamatrix pin marking on metal plate – ADP5090 dotpeener
Laser and dot peen marking on fiberglass – FYBRAII marking laser and ADP5090 dotpeener
Laser marking on metal – Serial markings by FYBRAII
Marcatura a punti automator marcatrice a micropunti Dot peen vibro marking on metal – ADP5090 Vibro 3 pin
Mascherina medica coronavirus marcatura laser Medical mask laser marked for fighting Coronavirus
Marcatura industriale con robot Automator dot peen marker installed with a robot arm – ADP25120
Marcatura laser su vetro Laser marking on glass cup – ALPHA CO2
Laser marking on small valve – FYBRAII
Automator laser marking on cotton – ALPHA CO2
Automator laser marked on automotive disc brake – nanoVISII
Laser marked fabric – nanoVISII
Marcatura laser su metallo marcatura colorata Automator coloured markings on metal bottle opener – FYBRA MOPA
Marcatura a punti su metallo Automator pin marked metal cylinder – ADP2560
Nespresso laser marking laser etching Automator laser markings on ceramic nespresso coffee cups – VIS
nespresso capsule marking Automator laser mark on nespresso coffee capsule
Laser marking on silver Laser marked silver plate with Automator marking laser – nanoVISII
Marcatura a caldo su pelle Automator hot marking on leather – MB20E
Impact marking on lead Automator impact marking on lead component – MB21
Laser marking on plastics Automator laser marking on cable – nanoVISII
Laser marking on car filters Automator laser marking on car filter – nanoVISII
Marcatura laser su carta e cartone Automator laser marking on paper packaging – nanoVISII
Marcatura metallo micrpunti Automator dot peen markings on metal plate – MB5090
Roll marking on metals Automator roll marking on knob – MB76EPV
Laser marking on glass Automator CO2 laser marking on glass – ALPHA CO2
Impact marking on alloys Automator impact marking on antenna connector – MB32
Laser marking on ceramics Automator laser marked ceramic – ALPHA CO2
Glass marking laser marking Automator laser marking on glass – FYBRAII
Laser decoration on metal Laser decoration on butcher knife – FYBRAII
Laser marking on wood Automator laser markings on wooden sword – FYBRAII
Marcatura a graffio marcatura a striscio Automator scribe marking on metal component – ASM40150
Impact marking on metal key Automator impact marking on wrenches – MB35
Laser marking on ceramics CO2 laser Automator laser marking on ceramic – ALPHA CO2
Marcatura a graffio su metallo Automator scribe marked Automotive VIN number – ASM40150
Laser marking Star Wars laser Automator hot marking on cork – MB20E
Marcatura laser metallo micro marcatura Automator roll marking in continuous on metal bar – MB71CE
Industrial marking on metal Automator impact marked metal tag – MB32
Laser marking automatorive Automator laser marked arrow key – nanoVISII
Laser marking on paperboard Laser marked paper cup – FYBRAII
Light bulb plastic base laser marked – ALPHA CO2
Laser marked beer glass – ALPHA CO2
Lavorazione laser marcatore laser Copper battery component surface removal made by laser – FYBRAII
Dot peen marking pin marker Pinmarked metal tags – ADP2560
Marcatura laser ottone Metal coil tag laser marked – nanoVISII
Laser marking on painted metal Valve handles laser marked – nanoVISII
Silver bar pin marked – ADP5090
Car VIN number – ASM40150
Plastic motor component pin marked – ADP5090
Transparent plastic car lights laser marked – greenVIS
Laser decoration – nanoVISII
Anodized machine part – nanoVISII
Laser colours palette – MOPA laser
Break disc component laser marked – VIS
Boat interiors leather sample hot marked – MB21E
Datamatrix code pin marked – ADP5090
Datamatrix codes lasermarked – VIS
Metal tubular component – ADP25120 dot peen marker
Smilng orange – FYBRAII laser marker
Laser marked car track rod – FYBRAII
Pinmarked silver bar – ADP5090
Pinmarked flange – ADP5090
Holographic marking – MOPA
Leather belt – Hot foil MB20E
Personalized golf club – FYBRAII laser
Turbine palette laser marked – nanoVISII
Seatbelt impact marked – MB35
Personalized sneakers – laser marking – nanoVISII
Luggage tag lasermarked – nanoVISII
Tile – laser marking
Tile – Laser marking
Leather – Hot marking
Info plate pin marked – ADP25120
Metal plates embossed
Metal automotive component pin marked
VIN number marked by ASM scriber – ASM6090
Electronic board laser marked – VIS
Leather belt branded with hot technology – MB20E
Micro QR code lasermarked gear – nanoVISII
Thick paper hot foil marking – MB20E
Wooden rack of wine bottle lasermarked – ALPHA CO2
Fiberglass component Vibro marking – ADP5090
Metal adjustment bar laser marked – FYBRAII
Laser marked alloy prosthesis – VIS
Metal component pinstamped
Hot foil marked leather
Plastic fan laser marked
Vibro pin micro marking
Scribe pin marking – ASM6090
Plastic parfume bottle laser decorations – FYBRAII
Impact branded cup – MB30
Anodized aluminum laser colour removal – nanoVISII
Impact branded metal cup – MB20
Palladium plate dot peen marked – ADP25120
Impact machine marking – MB15
Inconel part laser marked – nanoVISII
Plate impact marked – MB35
Hydraulic component roll marked
Laser marked paper packaging – VIS
Leather watch strap – Hot foil
Scribed number – ASM40150
Electric component impact marked – MB19
Polypropylene tube connector laser marked – nanoVISII
Roll marked large automotive part – MB76EPS
Press for riveting
Metal bar continuous pin marked – ADP5090
Laser marked SIM – VIS
Scribed metal component – ASM40150 Scribe marker
Laser engraved copper – FYBRAII
Keys – Impact marking
Flat iron – Hot foil
Laser engraved punch – FYBRAII
Automator roll marking, marking metal Automotive part – Roll marking
Marking on rifle part – Dot Peen
Sensor – Laser
Handle – Laser
Heel Decoration – nanoVISII
Impact Marking
Dot Peen Marking
Marking on Metal – FYBRAII
Tag – VIS
Marking on Plastic – Laser
Padlock – VIS
Barcode Marking on Metal Can – Laser
Component – greenVIS Laser
Marking on Gun – Dot Peen
Knife Decoration – VIS Laser
Marking on Metal Pipe – Dot Peen
Metal Component – VIS
Cattle Tag – nanoVISII
Marking Laser and Impact
Gun – VIS
Laser Marking
Barcode – VIS
Automator Laser Marking
Laser Marking on Metal Pipe
Medal – VIS
Pinstamping Keys
Container lock laser marked – VIS
Dot Peen on Metal
Metal Gear
Lock – Impact Marketing
Stainless Steel – VIS
Dental Drill – FYBRAII
Coloured Plastic
Alu Component for Motorbike
Automator Marking Laser
Qr Code – Dot Peen
Laser Decoration Heel
Dot Peen Marking
Gun – VIS Laser
Marking on Metal – Dot Peen
Decorative Marking – VIS
Motor Component – Dot Peen
Pharmaceutic Blister – Impact Marking
Laser marking on Plastic
Metal bolt – Dot Peen
Leather – Hot Foil
Gun Part – nanoVISII
Hunting Knife – VIS
Engraving Laser
Impact Marking on Dental Part
Hot Foil Marking on Leather
Metal Plate – VIS
Metal Laser Marking
Metal Plate Tag – Dot Peen
Bracialet Carbon Fiber – FYBRAII
Kitchen Stove Knob – VIS
Pin Marking on Gun
Dot Peen Marking
Boat Turbine – VIS
Metal Drill Bit – Laser
Plastic Woman Heels – VIS
Impact Marker
Datamatrix 2Dcode – Laser
Electrolytic Metal
Motorbike vin number – nanoVISII
Marking on Metal Tool Beta – Impact
Pinstamping Car Wheels
Handcuffs – VIS
Decorative Marking – Laser
Motorbike Mirror – VIS
Leather – FYBRAII
Knife Blade – FYBRAII
Label – Dot Peen
Cable Laser Marking
Steel Bottle Opener – VIS
Laser Marking
Marking Gas Meter – Laser
Dot Peen Markig
Metal – VIS Laser
Marking Sheave – nanoVISII
Plastic Barcode – FYBRAII
Knife – Laser
Marking Fabrics – Hot Foil
Laser Marking on Metal Tool
Plastic Tags – VIS Laser
White Marking on Metal – Laser
Plastic Cables – FYBRAII
Metal Plate – VIS
Motor Component – Dot Peen
Marking on PC Board – nanoVISII
Impact Marking
Qr Code marking – Laser
Electrolytic Marking Fork and Knife
Copper Laser Marking
Dot Peen Marking
Heels Decoration with Laser
Decorative Marking – VIS
Hot Foil Marking
Plastic Cattle Tag – VIS Laser
Dot Peen Marking
Plastic Component – FYBRAII
Medical Tools – VIS Laser
Marking on Metal – VIS
Colour Marking – MOPA Laser
Laser Marking – nanoVISII
Impact Marking
Automotive Filter – VIS
Dot Peen Marking On Gas
Metal Motor Component – VIS
Car Key – Laser
Power Battery – Dot Peen
Valves – VIS Laser
Laser Marking
Tag – Dot Peen
Bottle Opener – FYBRAII
Laser marking non car glass Car Glass – Laser
Luggage Tag – FYBRAII
For metal Oven Marking Information – VIS
Dental – Laser
Barcode Number – Laser
Metal Gear – VIS Laser
Deep Engraving Metal – Laser Marking
Drill Battery – VIS
Nail Nipper – Laser
Spoon – Impact
Leather marked – Laser
Disc marked – Roll
Laser on fabrics – Laser
QR Code – Dot peen
Roll micro marking – Roll
Car key – Impact
Glass laser marked – ALPHA CO2 laser
Dot peen on wood –
Wooden Prepeller – greenVIS laser
Plastic tag marked – Hot foil
Shoe leather marking – Hot Foil
Woode Bow marking – Laser
Deep marking – ADP120160 DEEP dot peen
Motor component – ADP2560 dot peen
Gold ingots detail – Impact
Micro rolling – Roll marking
2D Code micro marking – nanoVISII laser
Polypropylene tag – greenVIS laser
Eyewear earpiece – greenVIS Xtreme laser
QR Code – Dot Peen
Horse stirrup – VIS laser
Scribe marking – ASM40150 Scribe
Cattle Tag – nanoVISII laser
Fire Estinguisher – Roll marker
Motorbike VIN Marking – ASM40150 Scribe
Vibro marking – Dot Peen Vibro mode
Continuous marking – ASM40150 Scribe
Laser Marking
Aesthetic marking – Laser
Metal Faucet – VIS
Metal Plate – Impact
Marking on Leather – Hot Foil
Dot Peen marking
Qr code mrking – FYBRAII
Marking Filters
Barcode Car Tag – VIS
Metal Fishing Reel – Laser
Skate Blade – VIS
Metal Lighter – nanoVISII
Marking Medal – VIS
Marking on Metal Drawing Line – FYBRAII
Micro Marking – laser
Laser Coloured Marking – MOPA
Brass Bolt Cap – Dot Peen
Decoration on Plastic – Laser
Marking on Food – Laser CO2
Metal Tags – VIS
Laser Marking Details – nanoVISII
Adhesive Label Barcode
Marking on Lether Watch Strap – Laser
Qr code Datamatrix – green VIS
Lunapark Token – nanoVISII
Copper plate marked with all Automator pins – ADP2560
Decoration on Knife – Laser
Electric Plastic Component – VIS
Car Optical – nanoVISII
Marking Decoration – laser
Metal Blade – VIS
Metal Blade- VIS
Datamatrix on Chuck Component – VIS
Marking on metal Gear – nanoVISII
Marking on food – Laser
Marking Plastic Component – nanoVISII
Marking on Metal – Dot Peen
Marking on Fabrics Jeans – VIS
Motorbike Mirror – VIS
Marking on metal – ADP120160 DEEP
Hear Cattle Tag – VIS
Painted metal laser marked – nanoVISII
Deep Laser Marking – FYBRAII
Marking Decorations – Impact
Gold Ingots – Impact
Coloured Marking Decorations – MOPA
Marking on Plastic Bracelet – nanoVISII
Anodized aluminum electric plate laser marked – VIS
Marking on Pipe diameter – FYBRA
Marking on Wood – nanoVISII
Marking on Rubber Cellphone mobile – FYBRAII
Laser Marking – FYBRA
Coloured Marking – MOPA laser
Metal Scissors – VIS Laser
Logo on metal Tag Automotive- Dot Peen
Annealing – VIS
Marking on Tubes Connector – Dot Peen
Marking – Impact
Marking on Plastic – VIS Laser
Marking on Metal Zipper – VIS