Dot peen battery powered marker ADP2560-BA
Automator MOTF: Marking On The Fly
Leather sneakers laser marked – greenVISII
AURA – Laser marking system
Dot peen machine marking on a metal block heated to 1.000-1.200 C° (1.800-2.190 F°) – ADP120160
Automator ASM6090 scribe markers on robotic welding workstation for trucks chassis
Lasermarked valve for Oil&Gas
Livestock plastic tags laser marked
Roll marked flange – MB76 EP 90°
Pin-marked datamatrix on train wheel side
15 laser marked rows on a circumference without rotating the part – FYBRAII
Dataplate lasermarked
Laser personalization on boat cleat bollard
UBI Basic – Class 1 laser marking system for small productions and non-industrial environments
ATF – Automator Tag Feeder with nanoVISII
Adhesive film marked and cut by Automator laser
Laser marking on different height levels with standard 2D scan head
Double laser marked anodized alu plate
Laser marking on brass hexa connectors – nanoVISII
Pin stamping on aluminum plate – ADP5090
Custom-made system for marking gas bottles
Laser markers security: Automator mechanical shutter
NEW!!! VISII second generation YVO4 laser
Impalpable UDI marking on medical device – MOPAII
Laser marking on brass electrical component
Micro laser marking on a bolt – nanoVISII
ASM6090 – Compact Scribe Marking Machine
Green laser marking on paper
Laser coding on brass pressure switch
Hot marking on woman’s leather purses
Production line-integrated ADP machine marking on fire estinguisher bases – ADP5090
Laser-made white contrast square and 2D code on aluminum automotive tank – FYBRAII
Hexagonal bars roll marked – MB71CE
Laser cleaning on oiled metal surface – FYBRAII
Laser cleaning on rusted metal surface – FYBRAII
Automator marking technologies overview
Roll marking oil & gas metal round component – MB76 EP 90
Automator laser marking a rubber phone keyboard
“Cold marking” green laser inside glass – Automator Xtreme VIS
Metal and plastic keys laser marked
Dot peen datamatrix marking on aluminum plate – ADP5090
Scribe marking on steel bar – ASM40150
Dental burs laser marked with rotary axis
Fashion women heels laser marked
Arc pin marking on aluminum
Laser marked barcode on plastic handle
Dot peen marking machines integrated in production lines or robots
Manual roll marker in action
FYBRA laser integrated in a gears production line
Dot peen vibro marking on glass – ADP120160
Dot peen marking on valve flanges – ADP25120
Laser marking on anodized metal seals – nanoVISII
Hot marking on fashion leather bag
Datamatrix code spiral dot peen marking on metal parts – ADP5090
Medical mask laser marked for fighting Coronavirus
How to mark an engine block
Laser marked decoration on makeup powder
Automator ADP2560 E – Electric Pin Marking
Double-side laser marking on chassis – SUPERIOR
Scribe marker installed on a VIN marking device in an automotive plant – ASM40150
Laser marking on motorbike parts – nanoVISII
War tank part marking with Automator dot peen
Automator ADP5000 Special Tags Embosser
How to mark vehicles identification numbers (VIN)
CO2 Laser Marked Perfume bottle
NEW Automator REXII Laser Marking System
ADP2560 marking plastic components for Automotive
Deep roll marking on round steeel bar with automator roll machines
Glass cup laser marking
Industrial marking solutions for gold bars and ingots
Deep dot peen marking on metal bar
FYBRAII Active Fiber Marking Laser
Laser marking personalization on plastic phone cover
Dot peen marking on round surface
Laser marked luna park token
greenVIS Xtreme – COLD MARKING for special materials
MB71 CE marking in Continuous
Industrial marking machines Automator ADP – Controlled and Vibro modes
Automator MOPA laser marking on ceramics
Laser marking on textiles and fabrics
Magnetic portable dot peen marker – ADP120160
Cardboard and paper laser marking
Hot marking solutions
Dot peen markers AC500 universal controller
Impact marking solutions
Scribe vs Deep marking
Roll marking solutions
Dot peen marking on incandescent steel bar
Electric pin marking – ADP2560 E
Laser marking on copper – nanoVIS
Automator nanoVISII marking laser
Impact marking on metal
Roll marking machine: MB76 EP 90°
Laser marking on metal valves
Deep dot peen marking on metal – Automator ADP120160 DEEP
Automator laser marked coffee tabs
Automator dot peen marking systems
Automator laser marking systems