Now we know, Industrial Marking is a necessary operation in all industries, also in all kitchenware tools, such as pans, pots, cutlery and so on. Manufacturers of cookware have the constant need for diversify and continuously renew the product, also driven by success of the various television shows in the recent years. International and national regulations to be compliant with, information about the usage, details and logos are the main reasons for marking kithcenware tools.


Investments in new molds to create new shapes/new thicknesses are impressive, new ideas for different options in the finishing and accessories are always needed. Some examples:

  • External colours
  • Colour of the non-stick coating (if any)
  • Shape and painting of accessories (handles, handles, knobs)
  • Surface finishes, satin finishes, stone effect, ceramic effect, polishing, etc
  • Markings of logos and information in different positions of the product

The most used technologies in this field are the hammer ones (to make very deep markings, especially on the bottom of pots and cutlery) and laser (for all those aesthetic applications, affixing the company logo and for making notch markings inside of pots). Laser technology is also used for marking on the handle, depending on the material used and the type of result desired.



Why to chose Automator Marking Systems?

Automator Marking Systems was funded in 1940 and is focusing 100% on Industrial Marking technologies: we can provide all kinds of Industrial Marking solutions: not only lasers, dot peen or roll machines, but also scribe markers, hot foil and impact machines, presses and chem etch kits. We have always the best solution for your marking need.

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