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Why the need for Industrial Marking?

For all industrial sectors, especially the ones of Avionics and Aerospace, there is the need to guarantee quality, traceability and control. All components have to be marked to allow the unitary and permanent identification of every single component. This mechanism allows a particular piece of material to be tracked at any time, from its’ manufacturing date to the final destination of use. This is fundamental for warranty and quality documentation means. Needless to say, industrial marking for aerospace and avionics needs to be precise but at the same time it must be performed delicately to avoid structural impacts on the item. As happens in other industrial sectors, as the medical one, all surfaces have to be marked without damaging or altering the characteristics of the material and/or its resistance.

Each  little component of any plane must be marked and tracked to follow the requirements of many international industry marking standards, including:

  1. Airline Industry (ATA, A4A) Spec 2000
  2. US Department of Defense (DoD) UID Standards
  3. SAE International Marking Standard AS9132
  4. AIM-DPM (Automatic Identification & Mobility Association Standard)
  5. ISO/IEC TR 2915
  6. Rolls-Royce JES131 & RRES90003 Standards

Marking is vital to know everything about a component, who made it, where, when, how, which lifetime has, all info regarding it’s work. In case of problems the inspectors must be able to grab all info and solve the possible problem related to that part. It is for our safety when we travel by plane.


How can we mark Avionic components?

Lasers, dot peen markers, impact machines, roll markers, scribers, hot foil systems and electrolytic or chemical etching are the most used technologies for permanent marking to identify and trace the thousands of aircraft components that are manufactured each year. Also, these marking systems are needed to code and register information such as the serial number, the part number, the batch number, the manufacturing date, the revisions and the repair operations for each single part.

Automator designs, manufactures and sells industrial marking equipment worldwide. We have been doing this since 1940. We are the only international company that provide all marking technologies for all industrial processes.

Special applications for Aerospace and Avionics have been developed specifically for giving manufacturers the ultimate technology for marking, identifying, tracking and, of course, guaranteeing components of the Avionic and Aerospace industrial branch. We have helped clients to meet all international regulations and requirements.

Automator helps to provide solutions for:

  • Respecting and maintaining intact and original material structures and surfaces;
  • Marking on all kinds of surfaces (even flat, cylindric or round);
  • The integration and/stand-alone system;
  • The creation of alphanumeric, datamatrix and QR codes, logos, small or micro marking;
  • Marking for anticounterfeit;
  • Tracking and reading component codes (in multiple code formats and industry standards).

Automator provides a wide range of products for marking Avionic and Aerospace parts and materials:

  • 6 dot peen markers (depending on the marking areas, the material type and the operation);
  • 11 different lasers (depending on the material type and/or the marking results);
  • 2 scribe machines (depending on the marking areas and the material type);
  • 9 impact machines (depending on the pressure and the marking/material type);
  • 8 roll markers (depending on the part material, the circumferences, the dimensions and the marking results);
  • 2 solutions for chemical (electrolytic) etching;
  • Special systems for assistance with marking on round or cylindric parts;
  • Solutions for the integration with material and part handling such as PLCs or production lines;
  • Custom-made equipment for special projects;
  • Reading and tracking systems.



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