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Industrial marking in extremely important in Fashion industry for differnt reasons: for brand awareness, for anticounterfieting, for tracking and many more…but, each product in Fashion Industry has a different way to be marked. First of all, the used material: precious metals, fabrics, leathers, but also plastics or special materials are widely used by big brands, artisans, shoe makers or taylors for their creations. Then, the products itself: shoes, dresses, or accessories have different purposes.  One of the most interesting applications is leather belts marking.  Each belt must be marked with mandatory informations, such as manufacturing country or region, belt lenght and, of course, the name of the manufacturer/company.

  • Manufacturing country/region: knowing that a leather belt is produced in Italy or France has a different ” sounding” instead of an unknown country not involved with fashion and dresses.
  • Belt lenght: normally belt measures are marked in inches an cm. for example 110/44 means 110cm that are 44 inches. Your belt size is two inches larger than your pant waist size. If you wear a 34″ trouser, buy a 36″ belt.
  • Manufacturer/company name: one of the most important information. It’s fundamental for tracking the belt, for brand awareness and for anticounterfeit reasons.There are two marking technologies that can fit:

There are two technologies for marking belts that can fit:

  1. laser
  2. hot foil

Laser is rather burning the leather so we prefer to suggest the hot foil technology. with this last one you can mark the leather leaving a depressed darker mark (see right picture) or a mark with any color (left picture) The color will melt and will be forever part of the leather.

Why to chose Automator

Automator Marking Systems was funded in 1940 and is focusing 100% on Industrial Marking technologies: we can provide all kinds of Industrial Marking solutions: not only lasers, dot peen or roll machines, but also scribe markers, hot foil and impact machines, presses and chem etch kits. We have always the best solution for your marking need.