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Knives and blades are involved in the production process of many materials such as paper, label production, packaging materials, flexible materials, films, etc. Like all other precision tools, cutting blades and knives have to be marked before being sold to manufacturers. 

But how to mark cutting knives?

Laser markers are the perfect solution for marking on metal cutting tools through the process of annealing the blade surface. The laser, however, does not and cannot etch or engrave the metal. The marking process must be “light” with a color change to avoid damaging the blade itself. Moreover, this technique allows the marking to be much more visible and permanent than a general engraving.


What to mark on the surface?

Often, cutting knives manufacturers need to mark the name of the company, the company’s or brand’s logo, the serial number, the part number or any information about the material and/or the product itself. Furthermore, the information marked on the blade surface can help the manufacturer to track the product on the market. Also marking can prevent an improper use of the knife or material itself.


How to choose the perfect marking laser

We usually suggest not to use a fiber laser because of its’ powerful laser beam output and inherent marking characteristics that tend to engrave the metal in a manner that may cause stress points or weaken the material. For metal blades and cutting knives Automator suggests to use YVO4 lasers or our aWaveTM proprietary technology laser marker. These latter marking systems can rapidly react to the part surface, without engraving or damaging the material itself. Also this type or marking can lead to the desired color change.


Our solutions for blades and cutting knives



Class 4 aWave® laser source is employed for industrial marking on almost every type of materials. furthermore, with its’ automatic regulation of frequency the nanoVIS is capable of marking up to 20W. This feature allows this specific type of laser to generate great economies of scale and high performance, always maintaining a cost-effective approach. NanoVIS is an “all in one” laser that provides robust, compact and modular laser systems contained in one single head housing different component: galvos, electronics, source and safety shutter.


  • Mechanical double-contact safety shutter                                   GET MORE INFORMATION NOW! 
  • New led system for power supply preliminary diagnosis
  • Standard marking area 110×110 mm (also available with other marking area sizes) 



Class 4 YVO4 one-block laser system, extremely light and solid which perfectly adapts to integration in lines.


  • 10W – 20W – 30W – 40W power range
  • Standard marking area 110×110 mm (also available with other marking area sizes)


                                                                                                                       GET MORE INFORMATION NOW!