Deep roots, global vision in bearing industry

State-of-the-art reality in the aeronautical and industrial branches, UmbraGroup is world leader in the production of recirculating ball screws in the aeronautical branch.

The Group also recently stated its position in the supply of products for the energy market.

Substantial investments in Research & Development have led over the years to a remarkable growth of the portfolio products.


Very beautiful the Mission, motivated by the desire to be Partner for the realization of a common product

"To be for the Customer the Supplier of ball screws, bearings, 

actuators and components for high-technology markets.

We valorize each Customer to develop together the best solution"

The basic philosophy is not to be simply good in quality but to be excellent and reliable, making all our expertise at disposal of our customers and ensuring all our professionalism in Quality, Service and Support. "

Technologies used

UmbraGroup has chosen the versatility of the dot peen technology  for the identification and traceability of its products.


Portable systems with pneumatic pin and controller of the latest generation for the permanent marking, direct on their products to be used  for sensitive sectors such as the aerospace, industrial, energy ones.


The tracking of the product - related to warranty and product liability according to European law - is entirely delegated to the marking that can include automatically different data  - readable and / or encoded:


the date of production (in various formats)

the code shift

the batch 

the serial number

the manufacturer data

the company logo