Swiss Federal Railways

The SBB CFF FFS are incorporated as a public limited company (SA) under special law and governed by the Federal Law of 20 March 1998 on the Swiss Federal Railways (SBBG).

The capital is held entirely by the Swiss Confederation and the headquarters is located in Bern.

SBB is divided into four divisions and seven sectors

  • Passenger Division (SBB-P)
  • Goods Division (SBB Cargo)
  • Infrastructure Division (SBB-I)
  • Properties division
  • Sectors (Finance, Personnel management, Security, Information, Communication and Public Relations, Company Development and Legal Service)

Technologies used

In the railway sector, as in many others, it makes use of both the "useful" marking, for the production and maintenance processes for the tracking of the individual component or the individual transaction, and of  the "promotive" marking, in support of the brand and the logo.

This way the brand of SBB CFF FFS becomes synonymous of safety, punctuality, precision.

The various marking technologies contribute with:

  • rolling machines,  for the marking of the wheels and flanges
  • laser machines for the marking of  logos and traceability data
  • dot peen machines, for an easy interfacing with the internal management systems of the customer