Leader in gold processing

Argor-Heraeus Group is one of the world’s largest processors of precious metals. With a global perspective and strong Swiss identity, they generate value for their customers at every step of the production chain thanks to state-of-the-art technology, quality, financial stability and responsibility.


With headquarters in Mendrisio, Switzerland, they:


  • refine gold, silver, platinum and palladium
  • transform finished and semi-finished products for banks and for the electronics, chemical, watch, and jewelery industries
  • provide support services for precious metals trading


Technologies used


Argor-Heraeus products were born from the perfect synthesis between technology, art, attention to the detail and to customer needs, which must be guaranteed by quality and certified industrial processes.

Marking is in this brand the synonymous of guarantee with the quality of the product, brand promotion, information about the material.

The technologies applied are

Impact marking - with serial numerator to impress indelibly the identification number of the individual product.

Dot peen marking - with computerized systems that allow to mark the company logo and the identification code on the piece. In some cases, the interface with the precision balance sends to the controller the weight data of the workpiece which is marked directly.