Climbing, in the last 20 years


In 1818 the family Grivel changes its own production of agricultural tools in equipment for the climb to meet the rather peculiar needs of a new generation of tourists who wanted to climb mountains! 
The Grivel ice ax was born in an atmosphere of skepticism, which was soon overcome by the manufacture of the first modern crampons, key element for the North climbing of the Eiger in the Alps in 1938. 
Since then the company never stopped the materials research and technical innovation of its product so that the very light Grivel crampons have been used for the conquest of the 3 highest peaks in the world: Everest, K2 and Kangchenjunga ; the shape of Grivel ice ax will then be adopted by all manufacturers of these technical tools. 
Today, 196 years later, Grivel, still basically a big family, continues in his balancing act between tradition and progress, between forging and aerospace technology, between intuition and R & S. A new headquarter has allowed to marry technology and respect for the environment, thanks to the use of clean solar energy only.

Technologies used


Grivel, worldwide known historical company, marks every product with the company logo since years: a clear sign of how the company is proud and honored of all accessories for climbing.

The marking, in addition to being a vehicle for marketing and promotion, also performs practical information functions. Technical specifications and dimensions arean  immediate help for the selection of the most suitable tool for the climber.

For this reason Grivel relies to Automator since years and in particular to its dot technology, where a good excursion of the pin allows the marking also on uneven or curved surfaces, without the aid of additional accessories.





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