Luxury appliances

Gorenje, the Slovenian manufacturer of household appliances is the company which ranks among the top eight global manufacturers in this segment. With its 100-year history and more than 60 years of experience, Gorenje exports its products to 70 countries all over the world.

Gorenje is a group of 83 companies, of which 59 are located abroad, with 11.400 employees, with the production centre in Slovenia, the heart of Europe, with factories spread on 624.000 square meters, of which 240.000 meters are covered. Significant investments made in recent years in the field of research and design have led to the continuous growth of group results which reach the production of more than 4 million appliances a year and a turnover of more than 1 billion EUR. Gorenje produces also the lines of appliances with the signature of famous names such as Pininfarina, Swarovski and Ora Ito.

Technologies used


Gorenje has chosen the versatility of the dot peen technology for the identification and traceability of its products.
Computerized systems with pneumatic pin and controller of the latest generation for the permanent marking, direct on the products belonging to strategic sectors such as household appliances used in every home around the world.

The tracking of the product - related to the warranty and to the manufacturer liability according to the European standards - is entirely delegated to the marking which may include various data automatically - readable and / or encoded:


the date of manufacture ( in various formats)
the code shift
the batch
the serial number
the manufacturer's data
the company logo