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Gas Gas

Enduro Bikes


Gas Gas Motos is a Spanish manufacturer of motorcycle trials bike, enduro, motocross and quad, whose fame began with the participation and success at the world championships trials. 

As an importer of the Italian Company SWM, in 1985 the company created its first motorcycle Halley 327. With headquarter in Salt (Girona) it has expanded its production also to models for the motocross, for the enduro and supermotard, finally with the construction of quadricycle quad.
In 2014 Ossa and Gas Gas have joined exploiting the synergies of this marriage that has kept however the two brands separate.



Technologies used

What do you mark of a quad or a trial? Everything ! Because marking is traceability; marking is guarantee; marking is value of the brand.
Gas Gas has chosen the dot peen technology, for a direct marking on the piece, non-infringement and permanent.

The head is equipped with a pneumatic pin hat moves on the XY axes to form the message to be marked.

The controller is of the latest generation, up to date with the needs of the actual industrial branch, requiring a constant dialogue between the various phases of work and the  traceability of the piece tested.