Perfection in Thermal Drilling

One of the major problems of manufacturing engineering is how to join metal sheet metal, pipes and thin walled sections in a simple, efficient and convenient way. Some available solutions are welded nuts and threaded inserts. 


The disadvantages of these techniques are: removal of material, more production phases, the addition of external elements, cost, quality, .... 
The thermal drilling system produces a bushing formed by the mother material that increases the area available for the tapping. 


So,  instead of cutting the wall, we use the same material to form a stronger fusion.


The advantages of the thermal drilling system are: 
- Very fast process 
- Strong joints
- Standard offer, without special surcharges
- Small investment 
- High quality 
- No additional components 
- Less production phases 
- Clean working environment

Technologies used

In this market very used is the laser marking, either to trace and to identify components, or for esthetics needs.