Leading manufacturer of braking systems

Brembo, the undisputed leader in the world of braking systems, was founded in 1961 as Officine Meccaniche Sombreno.

In 1964, Brembo started producing brake discs for cars, in 1972 also brakes for motorcycles and in 1975 enters Formula 1, where provides its systems even for Ferrari single-seater. In recent years, the technological innovation and continuous research on materials and manufacturing techniques have made Brembo a prestigious trademark worldwide

Brembo is a multinational company that operates in three continents and has production sites in sixteen countries. Overall Brembo can count on 4 research laboratories, 19 industrial sites and 22 sales offices for the sale of its products in more than seventy countries around the world. The Company counts on the collaboration of more than 7,000 employees,  engaged in valuable research and development.


Technologies used

Brembo uses following technologies:
Impact technology  - for round surfaces, with deep and fast markings, without any optional axes in addition.

Dot peen technology - for each type of surface, with markings interfaced to tracking system. The traceability of the product is possible throughout its long chain, up to the user.
Laser technology - for each type of metal, with markings of industrial codes in contrast,  easily legible, which concentrate in a very small area many identification data of the individual piece.