Professional handtools

Beta Utensili is a leading company in the production and sales of professional hand tools, with three production plants in Italy and more than 550 staff worldwide:

since 1938 in Sovico

since 1973 in Castiglione d’Adda

since 1980 in Sulmona

Beta Utensili products are available at an international level, thanks to a solid distribution network and seven subsidiaries in: Brazil, China, France, Great Britain, The Netherlands, Poland, Spain; and 200 importers and distributors worldwide.

Research, development and quality.

Nothing is perfect, we’re practising.
Accuracy, precision, rigor, quality, courage, style, consistency, innovation.
To mould and idea, encourage it to its final outcome and after that better it still, Beta works daily, in close contact with end users, researching materials, design and constant improvement.
Scrupulous control on each tool ensures its invariable quality.


Technologies used

Beta Utensili has a wide products catalogue : pliers, tools, work wear and accessories.

The sales and manufacturing management of all these items is possible, thanks to the functional and practical marking of individual products :  the measure is marked on the kye ; the model is marked on the pliers ; the application field on the tools.

Above all, the brand Beta Utensili is known throughout the world for quality and reliability, marked  with latest generation laser technology to face with the large volumes of an esteemed and valued Italian product all over the world.