About us

About us


Automator was founded in 1940 by Maurizio Barcilon, and since then, for over 65 years, has always been dedicated with passion and professionalism to the industrial marking. The idea of the founder was that everyone, sooner or later, should have understood the importance of marking and so will become customers of Automator!

This is because not only mark is often a legal requirement but, perhaps even more often, it is a valuable gesture to identify, qualify, track, and promote a product.That focus has lead AUTOMATOR to become the largest marking only in the world.

In 1979 the leadership passed to his son, Jaime Barcilon, who confirms the company's mission: design, production and sale machines and systems for marking, engraving, stamping, identify, codify, trace and decorate any kind of product of any kind of surface.

Marking becomes a strategic marketing action that enhances the product and / or shares the image and the name of the company: think about product's decorations or marking - permanently - the company logo on the your products.

Using the marking as a tool to increase the perceived value of the product, it becomes the basic quality and versatility of the marking.

Here are the milestones


1940 The year of the foundation, we start with impact marking, the oldest technology, and rolling, both non-computerized
1960 We introduced hot machines, presses, bith not computerized
1982 A turning point, with introduction of a microdot systems as the first Automator computer technology
1985 A very important year with the launch of the first laser marking systems, computerized of course: we begin to introduce the source Yag, and then, in a short span of time, offer any laser technology: YVO4, UV, Intra, CO2, Green . All sources are available in different powers
2014 A revolutionary year: Automator invents a new laser technology, aWaveTM, with self-adjusting frequency of marking.
A true and great innovation: it is a new concept of the laser, very handsome but also very cheap, thanks to substantial economies of scale permitted by most extended use, being able to mark with performance from 1W up to 40W




Being on the market for over 65 years and have always dealt with the marking, we wish to comment by itself such values ​​as passion for this industry, the desire to be always update, ahead and often precursors and inventors of new technologies, and still show our strength and reliability.

 The presence of Automator in the world, we believe, for this sector, could add value for our customers: the possibility to listen more and more customers enriches our offer of continuous and sometimes helps us prevent requests that occur at different times between countries.

Each of our machine is then designed and built respecting the environment.






The ICIM Certification Mark is an important “sign” representing the attention of the Customer Organisations to their own management system, for their own product or services.

Business Continuity Management (BCM) identifies potential threats to an organization and the impacts to business operations that those threats

Automator belongs to Unione Costruttori Italiani Macchine Utensili ed he is qulifued to use its brand
Certificazione italiana dei sistemi di qualità.
Associazione Italiana di Automazione Meccanica