Hot machines and accessories are ideal for marking permanently materials, such as wood, PVC, ABS, plastic, leather and, in general, all organic materials.


All Automator hot marking systems have a thermostat to adjust the temperature (in relation of the time cycle), an advance ribbon device (for coloured markings) and many other optionals such as cliché, types and numbering heads.


To help in the choice, there are three sections:

  • Manual hot marking machine
  • Pneumatic hot marking machine
  • Pneumatic hot marking unit

MB20E - Manual

Manual hot marking machine

Length 205 x Height 650 x 309 mm


MB21E -

Pneumatic hot marking machine

Length 208 x Height 600 x Width 355 mm


MB21EU - Integration

Hot marking unit

Length 435 x Heigth 250 x Width 475 mm