Automator ASM (Automator Scribe Machine) heavy duty scribe, (scratch) modular and compact, has been designed for bench top applications for marking a wide range of flat, small or medium components. Coupled with the graphic 7” touch screen AC500 or with AC250, stand alone in 8 jobs, it represents the easiest industrial scribe marker available today.


Designed for deep, fast marking, especially for VIN and serial numbers the ASM produces continues, fully formed scribe marks with minimal sound. (Other models for lighter, table top application are also available).



  • Deep marking with minimal noise level
  • Air drive pneumatic peen with the “scribe dragging” technology creating smooth, fully formed characters on all materials
  • Robust marking head, designed for longevity and durability in industrial environment
  • Strong bench toolstand
  • Linux based operating system with flash memory
  • Serial, TCPIP and amble I/O as standard; EIP, Profinet and other advanced protocols available