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Top quality designer items for tabletop and kitchen

Sambonet Paderno Industrie S.p.A. is the leading Italian manufacturer of top quality design items for the tabletop and kitchen,  both for home and for the the hotel sector.


The Group was established in 1997 following the acquisition of Sambonet by Paderno, a leading international manufacturer of professional cookware and kitchen items.

The acquisition of Rosenthal, a prestigious German producer of items in porcelain and design furnishing complements for the tabletop, has promoted the creation of a ow a leading group in the prestigious tabletop furnishing sector.


The Group portfolio, which ranges from flatware to items in steel, as well as porcelain and glasses, is currently composed of Sambonet, Paderno, Arthur Krupp, Rosenthal, Thomas, Hutschenreuther and - since 2013 - Arzberg brands.

Используемая технология маркировки

Sambonet mainly uses following marking technologies

  • Rolling technology - for round surfaces, with markings fast and deep, without the aid of optional axes


  • Laser technology - for contrasting markings or when esthetics is a need. In the gallery, examples of marking on cutlery and pot