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Parma Antonio & Figli Spa

Parma Antonio & Figli Spa

Security since 1870

Parma Antonio & Figli SpA, founded in 1870 by the knight of the work Parma Antonio, is a leader in the security industry for productive activity, size of the network of sales and service, quality of products.

The sector in which work belongs to the field of "machinery and plants for human and environmental safety" and includes all the products aimed at ensuring the protection of goods, persons and property from hazards resulting from offenses or violent acts perpetrated by third parties (theft, robbery, break-ins, etc.).

The selection of Parma Antonio & Sons includes a full range of security products: safes of all sizes and levels, armored door to the vault for private and banking machines, automatic cash processing function with cash in / cash out, cassette safety electronically controlled locks and combinations both mechanical and electronic, as well as alarm systems and video surveillance, access control, burglar alarms and detectors of environmental anomalies, etc.., all of high quality and fully comply with the requirements of customers, including major banks and credit institutions in Italy and around the world.

Используемая технология маркировки

Automator is pleased to supply Parma Antonio & Figli Spa with dot peen systems, usually used in safety sector, to satisfy the 6th point of EN 1125:2008 law, reporting on product name and brand of producer, identifying codes, refers required to UNI EN 1125, end-built month/year.

Markings so that are finalized to identify and trace product.