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Diving equipments

Mares is an international company, present in over 80 countries, that manufactures diving equipments. The office is located in Rapallo, province of Genoa, Italy.

The origin of the company dates back to the Mares Diving founded in Rapallo in 1949 by the freediver Ludovico Mares, and later called Mares SpA
Ludovico Mares was also the person who sanctioned the success of the pneumatic gun for underwater fishing in the sixties and who experienced new propulsion systems with fins made of oilcloth and rush, avctualli exhibited in thhe Museum of the Sea of Gorée in Senegal.
Mares was bought by an American group (MFA) in 1971. Today it is part of the European Group HEAD NV.

Используемая технология маркировки

Producers who want to market products divers must comply with the essential safety requirements and affix as guarantee the CE mark directly on the product.

Other mandatory information that must be clearly stated on these articles or their packaging are: 


· Identification data of the manufacturer or importer : name and / or company name and / or registered trademark and address of the manufacturer or his authorized representative or the EC importer 

· Identification details of the product: in alternative type, batch, model, serial number, article, code, bar code or other means of identification of the product.


Mares has relied on Automator technology who proposed the dot peen marking, indelible clear, that can be interfaced with data management systems for an easy traceability of the product, ensuring the reliability of the manufacturer.