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More than 6.000 different filters

Clear focus through vision, values and strategy

We are pursuing a clearly defined goal: to maintain and extend our position as a market leader in filtration technology over the coming years through top-quality products, first class service and innovative technology.
For this, we apply our corporate values which provide the guidelines and underlying principles when dealing with customers, employees, society and the environment. These values are well indicated in our name:

Focus Integrity Leadership Teamwork Excellence Respect

Используемая технология маркировки

It cannot be without marking in Mann&Hummel. Due to wide range of different types of products, each must be marked just after it is produced and tested. 


Products are made of plastics and some organic materials mainly. The most suitable technology is laser which can mark very fast and also codes which are neccessary for traceability of product. 


The special machine contains marking laser as well as reading system and this is all interfaced with internal information system.