Are your products too large to pick up and to bring to your laser??


Automator's innovative nanoVIS and Vis line of laser markers all for a complete hand held laser solution (CDRH class one safety complaint) with weights as little as 7kg. No separate controller to mount or delicate fiber to protect.


Extremely light and robust nanoVIS and VIS hand held laser solutions offer the flexibility to mark your large, or heavy, parts to be get a permanent, direct part to be marked in place without the hassle of moving the part into a large, expensive class of enclosure.



  • Laser source Awave, from 5W to 60W Yvo4 and 5Wgreen
  • Standard marking area 110x110mm; available also 70x70mm, 180x180mm, 250x250mm, 320x320mm
  • Air cooling in ultra-compact design; integrated  scanning head with high performing electronics
  • External power supply
  • PC based software or Stand alone
  • External  serial or ethernet connection
  • Monitoring diagnosis functions: digital Input/output for PLC;
  • Three feet and two handles with start-stop  buttons, front standoff with sensors
  • Best price/performance ratio in the laser marking  applications