In the present, looking at the future

From the very beginning, PRINOTH has been a synonym for snow groomers of the highest quality. The product portfolio was diversified in 2009 with the acquisition of Camoplast, a Canadian tracked utility vehicle manufacturer. 

Since then, PRINOTH has the world's most extensive range of snow cats as well as tracked utility vehicles. Thanks to the strategic alliance with a German forestry machinery manufacturer, AHWI, the PRINOTH group has extended its activities to a third branch in 2011.


In addition to the snow grooming and tracked utility vehicles sector, PRINOTH is now also active in vegetation management and, besides the economically efficient working of forestry and agricultural land, is looking towards the global proliferation in biomass fuels.

Marking technology used

For the sector in which Prinoth operates and the wide range of products offered, computer technologies are recommended, which allow to range from the identification marking to the more aesthetic one.

For the industrial marking, identifying and tracking the products throughout their life, mostly used are dot peen marking heads; when the need is also aesthetic or tight processing deadlines are necessary, a laser system is recommended.