A giant in weapons production

Fabbrica d'Armi Pietro Beretta SpA is an Italian company born from the dream and the ability of a craftsman in the Renaissance and, thanks to the courage, vision and capabilities of its descent,  it becomes a name recognized internationally in terms of technology and performance and for the Italian style that characterizes its products.


Handed down for fifteen generations of the family,  it has been in business in Gardone Valtrompia since the fifteenth century but certainly from 1526.


Beretta production (about 1,500 pieces a day) covers almost the whole range of  portable arms: hunting and shooting overlying and parallel in different sizes and different levels of finish, semi-automatic rifles, rifles, express rifles, semiautomatic pistols (from cal. .22 short to cal. .45 Auto), assault rifles.


The sports production covers about 90%




Marking technology used

The marking of weapons and of the components is strictly regulated by world laws: it is functional for the identification not only of the single product, but also of the owner who is responsible also in legal terms.

The marking shall be made directly on the piece and must be so deep to remain - as footprint - even after any tampering.

The high power laser allows to have a great marking depth in short time cycles and to interface the marking itself with control database or check records.

The rolling technology - applied since from the beginning - is particularly suitable for deep markings on figle and gun barrels without being deformed.


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