Leader in precision measurement


Founded in Bologna in 1952 by Engineer Mario Possati, who was the first to have the idea of building a system of in-process quality for the checking of the parts during the grinding operation, Marposs has dedicated years to consolidate its presence abroad, from Germany to the United US, Japan, China and Korea.

Marposs is currently present in over 20 countries with its own sales and service; in another ten countries, the company owns an effective network of agents and distributors.

After 2000, Marposs has begun a program of acquisitions of solid and well laid out companies, each of them capable of providing very high level quality products in the quality control field in the production environment.

Following the direction indicated by the founder, in its activities Marposs applies  following principles:

  • to be wherever the customer  is to be able to give the best support at the time of the sale and in the next phase of assistance
  • to produce the best solutions and continually invest in research and development
  • to do the best to improve customer satisfaction, understood as a measure of the quality of the work performed.

Following these principles, on the basis of the success achieved in the past, the company will continue to grow and prosper even in the future.

Marking technology used


Marposs has always been attentive to the quality - as an added value - of its products, Automator has been chosen in the applications involving the marking.
In particular, they use the impact units of pneumatic VP for the quality control check: fast, robust and with a very good price-quality ratio, mark the piece permanently and indelibly. The customer / user is thus assured that the component produced was checked and meets the required production standards.
Together with the mechanical technology, Marposs has added the integration of dot peen computerized systems and laser where the manufacturing process requires a traceability and a data exchange between the phases: the marking becomes an integral part of the warranty and quality.