Luxury Watches

The Polish-born watchmaker Antoni Patek started selling watches in 1839 in Geneva in partnership with Franciszek Czapek,  then they separated in 1844.


The following year Patek entered into a partnership with the Frenchman Adrien Philippe who had won a prestigious award for the design of mechanical components for watches at the French Industrial Exposition the previous year.


The company was founded with its current name in 1851 and since then  many innovations in its field have been intruduced or developed, including the perpetual calendar and the split-seconds chronograph.

In 1932 it was bought by the brothers Charles and Jean Stern, already active in the field as owners of a company that realized faces.  The Stern family still retains the ownership today. The current president is Thierry Stern, while his father Philippe Stern is honorary president since 2009.


Like other Swiss manufacturers the company focuses much of its production on watches with mechanical movement, however in the course of its history it has also produced quartz watches.


The company is very famous among the estimators  because it produces its own all the parts that compose its products.

Marking technology used

The prestige of a producer can be seen in the beauty and care of his product : the same is for the company Patek Philippe producing watches with pride for several generations, putting all its passion.


Patek Philippe is painstaking and accurate even in the marking, in fact he entrusted to Automator for the completeness of its product range, which offers both the latest market innovations and the traditional technology that is still characterized by excellent craftsmanship.                                                                                                                  

In particular, the use of precision presses for the assembly phases of the very small components of the gears or the impact machines for the serialization of the watches; up to the most advanced technologies that bring the marking to the aesthetics and decorum levels.