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Since 120 is the name LEITNER meaning oh high performances in the technique field.

In 1888 the Sterzing mechanic Gabriel Leitner set up a workshop in his home town, where he produced agricultural machinery, material ropeways, water turbines and sawmill equipment.and within a hundred years the company developed into a global player in the field of ropeway engineering. Today's Headquarters of the LEITNER group, still occupies the original site in Sterzing.

By 1925 the business had grown from a workshop with just ten employees to a plant for the series production of agricultural machinery. After the 2nd World War, when tourism came to the Alps and generated demand for a modern mountain infrastructure there, the company switched from material to passenger ropeways, and in 1947 LEITNER built its first chairlift in Corvara, Italy in 1947.

The was a good choice :  as a manufacturer of lift systems, Leitner ropeways produces high-tech cabins, chair lifts, trams, cable cars and ski lifts

Although deeply rooted in the territory, Leitner has developed  now three important realities: the plants in Austria, France and Colorado, together with  more than seventy branches for sales and service in the world.

Marking technology used

Leitner has chosen the versatility of the computerized dot peen technology for the identification and traceability of its products. 


Computerized dot Peen systems and controller of the latest generation for the permanent marking directly on the  products and components demonstrate the extremely care of details in the production of each machine or component.

The tracking of the product - related to warranty and product liability according to European standards - is entirely delegated to the marking which may include different data automatically - readable and / or encoded:
the date of manufacture (in various sizes)
code shift
the batch of membership
the serial number
the manufacturer's data
the company logo