DMW Electric Vehicles

DMW Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles manufacturer

The Company was formed in 2005 under the Company’s Director Mr. Sahab Singh, who is having a vast experience of more than 15 years in the field of automobile and finance .The company started its operations through JSA 3 wheelers & soon become the first to sale out the best product in India often that , there was no looking back as the company spread its wing across business verticals , including Atul Auto Ltd, Continental Engines Ltd & JSA 3 Wheelers. 

The Group quest to make it big in the market, made it feray into another business of manufacturing & exporting E- rickshaw under the company, Om Balajee Automobile (I) Pvt. Ltd which shows the vision of the group to make productive use of modern day technology, keeping the innovation factors intact. Our E- Rickshaws are available with model name “ DMW” ( Deshwar Motor Works) which are meant to carry passengers and loads . All these E rickshaws runs on chargable battery and required no manual effort, which outflow the use of costly fuels. Thus, 80O components of our E- Rickshaw are manufactured by our company. our E- Rickshaws are apparently the best that can appear out of the technological innovation experiments. 

Marking technology used

Dot peen marking machines