ADP marking systems are perfect for benchtop applications, such as small/medium production rates or small components to load manually easily.


With the ability to operate in three pneumatic modes, offering every option from extreme speed to hyper accurate placement, the benchtop ADP systems have the flexibility to meet any application, offering the ultimate combination of cutting edge marking technology and reability.


In combination with low cost AC250 (PC required for setu tp) or stand alone AC500, ADPs have reached the ultimate in capabilities and user friendilness simplicity. Based around the 7” touch screen user interface allowing you to navigate easily with just the touch of a pen or finger, the universal AC500 controller offers a wide variety of connections (Serial, Ethernet TCPIP, USB, I/O) all located on the rear and an additional USB interface conveniently located on the controller face.


The base and column (available in different heights) is easy to adjust according to the different heights of the components with a slotted base for fixture mounting.