Fiat Auto

Fiat Auto

Automobily v Itálii od roku 1899

For more than a century, Fiat has been offering customers simple and affordable, yet innovative solutions to meet their complex mobility needs.

The brand’s mission is: to combine the Italian passion for design and originality with the maximum in efficiency and versatility in every model; to produce engines that make driving fun, while ensuring fuel efficiency and low emissions; to use the best technologies to deliver on-board comfort as well as vehicles that are affordable and cost effective to maintain. Simply put, Fiat makes cars for every need that are also stylish, fun to drive and surprisingly functional.


Použitá značící technologie

Fiat has used all the available technologies,  for the identification of all automotive components,  immediately realizing the help that marking could have given to the guarantee and the originality of the brand.

Impact technology - for the flat surfaces, obtaining a deep and readable marking even after the finishing operations of the piece.

Rolling tecnology - for round surfaces, with  fast and deep markings, without the aid of additional optional axes.

Dot peen technology - for each type of surface, with markings interfaced to business tracking systems. The traceability of the product throughout its long chain is possible until the end user

Laser technology - for each type of metal, with contrasting markings of industrial codes, easily legible, which concentrate in a very small area many identification data of the individual piece.