Faro Bearings

Faro Bearings

Výroba radiálních, axiálních a otočných ložisek do 6000 mm

Thanks to the know-how acquired in over thirty years of history, Faro studies, designs and manufactures its products based on the specifications requested by the customer, therefore represents an effective alternative for users and manufacturers who are not able to find, among the standard products offered from the market, solutions to their technical needs. FARO products are designed to the highest quality standards.



Faro, present for over 30 years on the market precision bearings and has recently increased its production capacity, now reaching 6000 mm in outer diameter, thus offering to a greater number of customers, the possibility of using high-precision bearings, entirely designed by our technical staff and produced in Italy, with deliveriesextremely small even for a special bearing design.

The quality of our products is guaranteed by the use of  first  quality materials and components, accompanied by relevant certificates of origin and warranty, and the processes controlled by an advanced metrology laboratory, and carried out with high quality equipment, optimized for our type of production.

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