Bialetti Industrie Spa

Bialetti Industrie Spa

Italská káva


The success story of this solid and established Italian company began in 1919 when Alfonso Bialetti opened in Crusinallo, in Verbania province, a workshop for the production of aluminum semifinished products which soon became a place of study and realization for the production of finished products to be placed directly on the market.


Just over a decade later, in 1933, a brilliant intuition of Alfonso Bialetti gives birth to an object that will change forever the way of making coffee at home. Thus was born Moka Express, the Art Deco design coffee maker that will allow the Company to make the necessary leap to establish itself in a short time as one of the leading Italian manufacturers of coffee makers. Bialetti has revolutionized the pleasure of making coffee and, thanks to its expertise, continues to evolve and renew its products to satisfy the desires of every single Italian kitchen.


Even today it is testimonial of experience and will in adding value and beauty to everyday life in the kitchen with products of strict functionality, great technique and reliability, with a modern design and a quality of excellence. From the coffee makers to the world of espresso and cookware, the signature Bialetti continues to be synonymous of genuine pleasure, skill and passion.

Bialetti is part of the group Bialetti Industrie SpA

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