Na trať se špičkovými motocykly!

Aprilia, founded in 1945, in 2004 became part of the Piaggio Group.

Rich in technical solutions borrowed from a unique racing experience, today the range of Aprilia motorcycle is characterized by an absolute technological leadership. Together with unexceptionable cycling , that has always been one of the strengths of Aprilia, also a cutting-edge engine technology and an unquestioned primacy in the development of electronic driving aids.

In every Aprilia motorcycle the accumulated experience on tracks all over the world is transferred to the user everyday and designed to increase performance and security.


Použitá značící technologie

The variety of the components that Aprilia marks on its motorcycles imposes the use of different technologies.

Mostly used are dot peen technologies for deep marking that remain even after post-marking processings (eg. painting). Standard Models of dot peen systems combine speed and depth, allowing the identification and tracking of the product, in the long  production chain to the consumer.

The software provides communications and protocols that enable the system to talk with the host company to ensure the traceability of the product-in every moment-in the production -commercial chain.


It is used the traditional mechanical technologyfor the check makings or of control evidence, so important in the industrial stages, or for speed markings of serial numbers on components to be identified singly.