Turbine Blades 涡轮叶片

Turbine Blades 涡轮叶片



Turbine Blades是一家专业生产蒸汽和燃气涡轮叶片,航空衍生产品,不同材料和不同类型机器的公司。




由于机器舰队涡轮叶片能够生产不同尺寸的叶片高达约。 每年30,000刀片。


涡轮叶片的主要特点是成为一个非常有活力的公司,面向高标准质量; 灵活性,时间和成本的尊重,由于在类似现实中获得的经验所产生的技术能力,使其成为一家公司。

Turbine Blades is a company specialized in the production of blades for steam and gas turbines, for aero derivative, in different materials and for different types of machine.
Thanks to a highly qualified team of technicians and workers with twenty years experience in the industry, the company is able to meet the needs of the customers in short time and work according to the technologies of the major OEMs.
Thanks to the machines fleet Turbine Blades is able to produce blades of different dimensions up to ca. 30,000 blades a year.
The main feature of Turbine Blades is to be a very dynamic Company, oriented to high standard qualities; the flexibility, the respect of the times and costs, the technical capacity resulting from an acquired experience in similar realities, make it a company to count on.

Marking technology used

Turbine Blades始终选择产品Automator的质量,特别是点打点技术。




I / O信号和软件功能使这些系统可以轻松集成到生产线中,这些机器是通信网络的一部分。




Turbine Blades has always chosen the quality of the product Automator, in particular of the dot peen technology.


A marking head - with a pneumatic pin - is controlled by a controller of the latest generation.


I / O signals and the software capabilities make these systems easily integrable into production lines, where it is necessary that the machines are part of a communication network.


Check the repetitiveness of the serial number, create a database with the data marked, make available the data in simple .txt files are some of the features of the software of the dot peen machines.