TEM 开关插座

TEM 开关插座


顶级斯洛文尼亚开关和插座的生产商自己的商标。 Tem提供现代化的解决方案的开关和插座在住宅和工作内部与美学和舒适的使用特别亮点。


市场中的独特地位通过承诺,个人方法和对市场需求的快速反应来实现。 每年他们正在巩固其在国内市场的市场份额,并加强他们在欧盟和国外的活动。 稳定的发展和公司成长Tem确保员工,业主和他们居住和工作的地方环境的满意度。

The top Slovenian producer of switches and sockets of their own trade mark. Tem offers modern solutions of switches and sockets in dwelling and working interiors with a special highlight on esthetics and comfort of use.

A unique position in market is achieved with commitment, personal approach and quick response to market needs. From year to year they are consolidating their market share on domestic market and strengthening their activity in the EU and abroad. With stabile development and company growth Tem assures satisfaction of employees, owners and local environment where they live and work.

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