STC 传动轴

STC 传动轴

A Daimler Company 戴姆勒公司

STAR TRANSMISSION SRL(STC)是汽车行业零部件的国际供应商,是复杂动力总成部件的生产商,如齿轮和车桥,发动机传动装置和转向齿轮的机械加工部件; 它还执行变速器的组装。


  作为戴姆勒公司,负责生产变速器的部门和罗马尼亚工业部的合资公司,我们在特兰西瓦尼亚的地点结合了两个合作伙伴在加工金属方面的专有技术, 经济发展。



STAR TRANSMISSION SRL (STC) is an international supplier of components for the automotive industry, a producer of complex Powertrain components, such as, gears and axles, mechanically processed components for engine transmissions and steering gears; it also executes the assembly of the transmissions.

 As a joint venture between Daimler AG, the department responsible for the production of transmissions, and the Romanian Ministry of Industries, we combine in the location from Transylvania the Know-how of the both partners regarding the processing of metals, with local benefits for the economical development.

Our demanding customers, mostly in the automotive industry, consider STC a safe and competent partner, who can perform at a top quality, the numerous requirements of the customers.

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