SMC 气动元件

SMC 气动元件



The SMC Italy headquarter is in Carugate (MI) while the factory is in Carsoli (AQ) where automation pneumatic systems are developed and produced. 


The advantages of a large multinational join the local knowledge, always ensuring the best possible offer in terms of innovation and service.


The direct and indirect sales network, distributed throughout the country, is the real wealth of the company in terms of expertise and know-how, to guarantee a capillary coverage and support.
The customer support is provided also through dedicated services for the assistance before and after sales.

Marking technology used



功能标记 - 通过序列号和代码识别单个产品; 指示包括CE标记的产品的功能和特征
促销标记 - 企业品牌的标志显示了生产者的自豪感,并使客户成为忠实的客户

The Laser has been the last technology choice in the field of product traceability: direct marking on the product, indelible and aesthetically excellent 

Two specific SMC requirements combine:

  • functional marking  - with identification of the individual product through the serial number and the code; the functions and features of the product including the CE mark are indicated
  • promotional marking - the marking of the corporate brand shows the pride of the producer and make a client a faithful customer