OMR Automotive 汽车

OMR Automotive 汽车


O.M.R. 公司成立于1979年由兄弟Franco和Marco Righi在Borgonovo Valtidone(PC)意大利 - 在2000平方米。 工业区。


此后O.M.R. - 从一开始就专业生产对焊设备,如弯头,三通,减速器和帽盖达6“ - 迅速发展,其生产范围和员工人数都增加。


这些天 集团包括三个工厂,雇用约220人,由于其相当范围的产品不仅普通,而且特殊钢,如钛,双相,超级双相和其他合金,已经达到国际市场的黄金地位。



O.M.R. Company was founded in 1979 by brothers Franco and Marco Righi in Borgonovo Valtidone (PC) Italy- on a 2000 sq.m. industrial area. 

Since then O.M.R. - specialized from the beginning in the production of Butt-welding fittings such as elbows, tees, reducers and caps up to 6" - has rapidly developed increasing both its production range and number of employees. 

These days O.M.R. Group, which includes three plants and employs about 220 people, has reached a prime position on the international market thanks to its considerable range of products made not only of common but also of special steels such as Titanium, Duplex, Super Duplex and other Alloys.

Skill, reliability and potential are the key words to identify the professional ability and standing of O.M.R. Group.

Marking technology used


OMR has relied on Automator technology who proposed the dot peen marking interfaced with data management systems for an easy traceability of the product, ensuring the reliability of the manufacturer.