New Holland Construction 纽荷兰建筑

New Holland Construction 纽荷兰建筑

Built around you

  1. 纽荷兰出生于美国宾夕法尼亚州的纽荷兰,有一人车间修理
  2. 菲亚特在意大利都灵成立,由一群热衷于新汽车技术的企业家组成。在这个时候,汽车是在小车间里制造的奢侈品。从一开始,菲亚特的创始人有在工业规模制造汽车的愿景


世界上第一台液压挖掘机。 Mario Bruneri开发了使用静液压泵活塞来操作挖掘机臂的想法。新的“Jumbo”挖掘机的工业生产很快就在都灵开始。他创立了Simit,它将设计几代世界各地的液压挖掘机,并于1970年加入菲亚特


菲亚特 - 阿利斯征服世界。菲亚特加盟Allis Chalmers - 菲亚特 - 艾里斯品牌诞生了。 Fiat-Allis设备很快就在世界各地的许多大型土木工程项目中工作。它很快在拉丁美洲非常成功,在那里它的名字是有名望的这一天


  1. 成立于1876年在德国斯潘道,Orenstein&Koppel有建设和采矿设备的发展卓越的历史。它为纽荷兰带来了成熟的技术,适用于平地机和轮式挖掘机



新荷兰建筑公司进一步扩大在Bauma 2013展览会上提供的第4层级

  • 1895. New Holland is born in New Holland, Pennsylvania, USA, with one-man shop repair
  • 1899. FIAT is founded in Turin, Italy, by a group of entrepreneurs passionate about the new automotive technologies. At this time, cars are luxury items built in small workshops. From the very beginning, Fiat’s founders have the vision to manufacture cars on industrial scale

  • 1947. The world’s first hydraulic excavator. Mario Bruneri develops the idea of using a hydrostatic pump piston to action an excavator boom. Industrial production of the new “Jumbo” excavator soon begins in Turin. He founds Simit, which will design several generations of hydraulic excavators sold around the world and joins Fiat in 1970
  • 1966. New Holland’s first backhoe loader
  • 1974. Fiat-Allis conquers the world. Fiat joins forces with Allis Chalmers – the Fiat-Allis brand is born. Fiat-Allis equipment is soon seen at work in many large-scale civil engineering projects around the world. It quickly becomes very successful in Latin America, where its name is prestigious to this day
  • 1991. New Holland joins Fiat. Fiat acquires New Holland from Ford and merges it with its agricultural and construction machinery business. The two companies complement each other in geographical coverage and product offering. Their integration creates a truly global business and an industry leader
  • 1998. Founded in 1876 in Spandau, Germany, Orenstein & Koppel comes with a history of excellence in the development of construction and mining equipment. It brings to New Holland its proven technology for graders and wheeled excavators
  • 2007. 200,000 skid steer loaders. New Holland celebrated 35 years of designing and building its highly successful skid steer loaders when the 200,000th unit came off the assembly line. They are the preferred choice of landscapers around the world and n.1 in lift and carry compact machines
  • 2011. A cleaner future built around you. Our emissions compliance technologies
  • 2013. New Holland Construction Further Expands Tier 4 Offering at Bauma 2013 Exhibition

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