New Holland 纽荷兰农机

New Holland 纽荷兰农机




2006年,启动了清洁能源领导战略,积极推动可再生燃料,减排系统和可持续农业技术。 New Holland为经济作物生产者,牲畜农场主,承包商,葡萄园和地面专业人员提供了易于操作的拖拉机,收割机和物料搬运设备的最大选择:超过80个产品线和300多个型号。 纽荷兰与世界上最广泛的农业设备互补,提供高效的零部件和服务支持,以及来自农业专家的一系列量身定制的金融服务。



Since 1895, New Holland is committed to providing solutions that improve farming efficiency and productivity by using accessible technology.


In 2006 the Clean Energy Leader strategy was launched for the active promotion of renewable fuels, emissions reduction systems and sustainable agricultural technology. New Holland offers cash crop producers, livestock farmers, contractors, vineyards and groundcare professionals the largest choice of easy-to-operate tractors, harvesters and material handling equipment: more than 80 product lines and over 300 models. New Holland complements the widest agricultural equipment offering in the world with efficient Parts and Service support and a range of tailored financial services from a specialist in agriculture.

An approachable and professional global dealer network always guarantees total assistance and expert advice season after season.


Close to customers in all fields, New Holland is the reliable partner of each farmer.

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