Moto Guzzi  意大利摩托古兹

Moto Guzzi 意大利摩托古兹

built with pride in Italy 制造与自豪 意大利

1921年3月15日:出生在热那亚神话“Moto Guzzi”,高级摩托车的高贵品牌。
Breva,Griso,Bellagio,加利福尼亚结合了最先进的最先进的技术与古典主义和优雅自己的Moto Guzzi品牌,可以由于每个组件的装配技术被区分。一个焦点,使每个Moto Guzzi一个独特的作品,能够结婚,强调一个充满激情和独特的客户的强烈的个性。

March 15, 1921: born in Genoa the mythical "Moto Guzzi",  noble brand of high-powered motorcycles.
In 2004 it joined the Piaggio Group, keeping the factory in Mandello on Lake Como where took place a long and strong investment season in the development of future ever more efficient models and structural measures designed to make it more modern, functional and efficient in view of the decisive relaunch of the brand.
Rogether with the commercial victories, with the first models Normal and Norge, since 1957 follow the sports ones  where the brand with the eagle stood out for an impressive series of successes, entering the heart of fans and not.
BrevaGrisoBellagioCalifornia combine the best of the most modern and advanced technology with the classicism and elegance own  Moto Guzzi brand that can be distinguished  thanks to the craftsmanship with which each component is assembled. A focus that makes every Moto Guzzi a unique piece, able to marry and to emphasize the strong personality of a passionate and exclusive clientele.

Marking technology used

Moto Guzzi选择了针式打标技术的多功能性,其产品的标识和可追溯性。






Moto Guzzi
 has chosen the versatility of the dot peen technology  for the identification and traceability of its products.
Line systems lwith pneumatic pin and controller and the latest generation for the permanent marking, direct on their products and components.
The tracking of the product - related to warranty and product liability according to the European regulations- is entirely delegated to the marking that can include different data automatically - readable and / or encoded:
date of production (in various formats)

the code shift

the batch 

the serial number

the manufacturer information

the company logo