Matchguns S.r.l. 是切萨雷莫里尼的公司,一个男人谁给了拍摄一切新的和创新是可能创造:第一个空气手枪,解剖学把手,电子拍摄。 这一切始于30多年前在意大利帕尔马,一个射手全国开始改变枪支和时间的手柄,以提高其分数。 不满意的结果,他开始建立自己的枪和手柄。


Matchguns S.r.l. is the company of Cesare Morini, a man who has given to shooting everything new and innovative was possible to create: the first air pistol, the anatomical handles,  the electronic shooting . It all began more than 30 years ago in Parma, Italy, where a shooter nationwide began to change the guns and the handles of the time in order to improve its scores. Not satisfied with the results he began to build by himself guns and handles.

The basis of the design of the handles, carefully developed after anatomical studies, is now used by the best manufacturers of sporting arms and constitutes an essential element of ever shooting gun.

Marking technology used