WTS 美国

WTS 美国


 Zipponi,Ledasan,Theorem,Vega和Kramer。 5标记一个伟大的现实:WTS集团。


可靠性,安全性,丰富的经验,综合的知识和对国际市场需求的了解是WTS理念的创立,意大利一个大型工业集团,是住宅,旅游/酒店业和健康水龙头的国际参考点 质量,财力和服务



Zipponi, Ledasan, Theorem, Vega and Kramer. 5 marks for a great reality: WTS Group.


Reliability, security, great experience, consolidated know-how and knowledge of the needs of the international market are founding of WTS philosophy, a large italian industrial Group that is an international point of reference for residential,  tourism/hotel sector and wellness taps as regards quality, financial strength and service 


With its brands and its products, WTS Group is the greatest example of Italian excellence: an important industrial Group able to move with ease in the international market and to ensure always a fast, efficient and reliable service.

Marking technology used





有了这个系统,WTS集团标志着标志,以极高的准确性和美感; 他们标记他们的商业代码和生产的标识数据用于跟踪和保修。

For the identification of its products WTS Group has chosen the dot peen Automator technology.


The computerized systems use a head with XY motion of the pin, connected to a controller of the latest generation: touch screen graphic display and high-performance software developed using Automator experience.


With this system WTS Group mark the logo, with extreme accuracy and beauty; they mark their commercial code and the identification data of the production for the tracking and warranty.