Magneti Marelli 马瑞利

Magneti Marelli 马瑞利


Magneti Marelli是设计和生产最先进的汽车系统和部件的国际领导者:从照明到发动机控制,电子和悬架系统,从排气系统到后市场和赛车运动的部件。  

通过不断创新的过程,Magneti Marelli力求利用其技术知识,结合集团在电子行业的跨领域专业知识,开发智能系统和解决方案,促进安全和可持续发展的流动性,以及 提高乘客体验。 该公司近年来一直是汽车行业巨大技术进步的主要贡献者。

Magneti Marelli
is an international leader in the design and production of state-of-the-art automotive systems and components:​ from lighting to engine control, electronics and suspension systems, from exhaust systems to components for the aftermarket and motorsport.



Through a process of continuous innovation, Magneti Marelli seeks to leverage its technical know-how, in conjunction with the Group’s cross-sector expertise in electronics, to develop intelligent systems and solutions that contribute to the evolution of safe and sustainable mobility, as well as enhancing the passenger experience. The company has been a major contributor to the enormous technological advances in the automotive sector in recent years.

Marking technology used

Magneti Marelli利用了现场的所有技术,识别所有组件,立即感知到标记可以给品牌的保修和独创性的帮助。


冲击技术 - 对于平面,即使在整饰完成后,仍能获得深度可读的标记。


滚压技术 - 对于圆形表面,具有快速和深的标记,此外没有任何可选轴。


点针技术 - 对于每种类型的表面,标记数据接口到工业跟踪系统。 标记成为可追溯性的主要支持,贯穿整个生产操作的长链,直到最终用户。


激光技术 - 对于每种类型的金属,具有对比色的标记用于工业代码,容易辨认,集中在非常小的区域中的许多单件的识别数据。

Magneti Marelli has made use of all the technologies in the field, for the identification of all the components, sensing immediately the help that the marking could give warranty and originality of the brand.


Impact technology - for the flat surfaces, obtaining a deep and readable marking even after the finishing of the piece.

Roll technology   - for round surfaces, with markings fast and deep, without any optional axes in addition.

Dot technology - for each type of surface, with markings data  interfaced to industrial tracking systems. Marking becomes the main support to traceability,  throughout the long chain of production operations up to the final user. 


Laser technology - for each type of metal, with markings in contrast color for industrial codes, easily legible, that concentrate in a very small area many identification data of the single piece.