The prestige in the car 在汽车行业的声望


一个魅力,伴随着技术创新的采用,成功地满足了一个苛刻的观众寻找汽车,使自己与汽车的其余部分分开。 这在Ypsilon中找到了它的典型表现,体现了通过其范围内提供的主机的“时尚城市车”的精髓。 这项优惠由新三角MY 2014,Voyager完成,它将获得新推出的“S”版本和顶级Lancia Thema的好处。

The Lancia range results from a product philosophy which places elegance, personality, style and customisation at the heart of its projects.

A charm which, together with the adoption of technological innovations, succeeds in satisfying a demanding audience looking for cars that set themselves apart from the rest of the automotive scene. This finds its quintessential expression in the Ypsilon, which embodies the essence of the “Fashion City Car” through the host of combinations offered within its range. The offer is completed by the New Delta MY 2014, the Voyager which will reap the benefits of the newly introduced “S” version and the top-of-the-range Lancia Thema.


Marking technology used


冲击机 - 机械 - 气动技术 - 在工作台或集成配置中,用于非常快速的标记
滚压机 - 对于圆形件最有效和快速的技术,具有允许对零件进行精加工操作而不丧失可读性的深度。

针式打机 - 计算机化控制器的援助已经允许在领域,如日期和转弯不同和自动标记方案的方案的设置; 序列号和主机管理的变量。
激光机 - 标记技术使用激光束创建具有强烈对比度的信息,以促进可追溯性和读取操作。

 has been always using marking to grant the originality of the pieces

Impact machines  - mechanical-pneumatic technology  - in the bench or integration configurations for a very quick marking


Rolling machines - the most effective and quick technology for round pieces, with a depth allowing finishing operations on the pieces without loosing the legibility. 


Dot peen machines  the aid of a computerized controller has allowed the setting of programs of different and automatic marking programs in fields, such as the date and the turn; the serial number and the variable managed by the host.


Laser machines  - marking technology using the laser beam to create messages with strong contrast  to facilitate the traceability and reading operations.