载人航天, 长期轨道

 1916 - 1960年

1916年4月,俄罗斯 - 波罗的海联合股份公司的方向在莫斯科郊区购买了一个大面积地区,距离费利的代祷教堂不远,开始建造一座大型工厂,1917年被称为“第二“Russo-Balt”汽车厂“。五年后,在1922年,工厂生产的前五个俄罗斯汽车“Russo-Balt”品牌...

1960 - 1993年



1993 – 2011年

开放空间是人类活动的一个复杂的焦点,并且结合努力和科技潜力是解决殖民这个部分宇宙的挑战性目标的最有效的方式。 Khrunichev国家研究和生产空间中心是在1993年6月7日由Khrunichev机械厂和Salyut设计局根据总统令建立的。目标是使主要航天工业公司的生产业务和对外经济关系更有效率,更积极地在国际市场上推广俄罗斯技术...

1916 - 1960

In April 1916 the Direction of the Russian-Baltic joint stock company pur-chased a large ground area at the outskirts of Moscow not far from the Intercession church in Fili and commenced building of a large plant, which, in 1917, was called the "Second "Russo-Balt" automobile plant". Five years later, in 1922, the plant produced the first five Russian automobiles of "Russo-Balt" brand...

1960 - 1993

At the end of 1959, in accordance with the governmental decision, the enterprise switched to rocket technology. New aviation and aerospace developments were halted. Among those halted developments we can't but mention the supersonic aircraft missile "Buran". "Buran" was equipped with a ram jet engine and lifted off by means of four liftoff boosters.

Khrunichev have created: all Soviet space stations (including Salyut, Almaz and Mir), all heavy-weight modules designed to be docked to space stations in open space, and three-seat re-entry vehicles. In addition to expanding the capacities of the domestic science, placement in orbit and operation of manned spacecraft have created environmental conditions enabling humans to work in open space...

1993 - 2011

Open space is a complicated focal point of human activities, and combining efforts and S&T potentials is a most efficient way to tackle the challenging goals of colonizing this part of the Universe. The Khrunichev State Research and Production Space Center was founded on the basis of the Khrunichev Machine Building Plant and the Salyut Design Bureau by Presidential Decree on June 7, 1993. The goal was to make the production business and foreign economic relations of major space industry companies more efficient and to more actively promote Russian technologies in the international market...



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