Jeep品牌进入其传奇传承的第八个十年,通过提供全系列的车辆,提供一个安全和安全的感觉,以处理任何冒险,提供一个开放的邀请生活的最大的生活 有信心。

自从1941年,当第一辆吉普车出生,该品牌继续生产独特的,多功能和能力的车辆。 吉普品牌为客户提供没有其他汽车品牌可以提供的体验。

Entering its eighth decade of legendary heritage​​, ​the Jeep ​brand c​ontinues to deliver an open invitation to live life to the fullest by offering a full line of vehicles that provide owners with a sense of safety and security to handle any adventure with confidence.

Since 1941, when the first Jeep vehicle was born, the brand has continued to produce unique, versatile and capable vehicles. The Jeep brand delivers customers an experience that no other automotive brand can possibly offer.

Marking technology used

自从几次以来,传统的机械技术已经通过点打标机加入,计算机化和易于集成。 伴随标记头的控制器随着时间的推移已经更新,并且为产品的可追溯性提供了许多标准特征。 可能的定制与客户软件的接口


For decades Automator is supplier of the FIAT group with machines for marking and identifying the off-road vehicle produced
Since several time the traditional mechanical technology has been joined by dot peen marking machines, computerized and easy to integrate. The controller, which accompanies the marking heads, has been updated over time and offers many standard features to the traceability of the product. Possible customization for interfacing with customer software

The perfect identification of each single component and the traceability in the commercial chain are synonymous of the quality and the proficiency of Jeep group